Trusting a New Partner

Whenever a person leaves a bad relationship, there is emotional scar tissue that grows. This is not something a doctor can operate on and take out, so the person must find their own way to get past what is blocking their heart. When they have gotten out of a relationship with someone who cheated on them the scars might not be thicker than any other breakup, but they can be just as difficult to overcome. For those who have never cheated on a spouse or partner, it might be difficult to accept the lack of trust they will encounter when the relationship first begins.

Almost every relationship begins with a small kernel of trust on the part of each person, but it will take some work to earn more. For those who have just gotten out of a relationship where their trust was broken by a cheater, the kernel still remains or they would not date at all. The problem often lies in the fact that earning trust enough for a commitment is where the difficulties will begin.

Cheaters are generally successful if they are the first because their partner is not suspicious, but they learn how to be when they find out what is really occurring. When they get into a new relationship, thoughts of being cheated on may haunt them, and they can cause the person to have too much suspicion of their new partner. It can tear apart the relationship unless they find a way to deal with this issue.

The complexity of emotions a person deals with them they have been cheated on does a lot of damage, and it can hurt them even more when they try to form a new relationship. Suspicion they lacked for the actions of their former partner will now be a part of how they look at their new partner, and it can tear them apart before they have a chance to really find out if they are compatible.