Rediscovering Desire

When a relationship has broken down and a partner cheats, it is a rocky road for a complete recovery. Sexual desire in one or both partners may be lacking. The cheater may feel guilt over their sexual impropriety and feel they cannot ask their partner to be intimate. The partner who was cheated on may find they have little or no desire to actually be intimate with a person they no longer trust. This does not signal either partner has lost their desire, but it does herald a new chapter in their desire for each other.

Women often find it easier to forgive a partner who has cheated, but they are also more likely to expect their partner to earn trust before the relationship can truly continue. Part of this is because they feel little or no desire to be physically intimate with a less than trustworthy person. They sublimate their desire in other areas of their life.

Men who choose to remain in the relationship with a withholding partner often respond to this by becoming male masturbators. They need sexual release, but they also know the relationship will be over if they are with someone other than their partner. Some of them turn to virtual reality porn to get through this phase of the relationship recovery. They find a good virtual reality headset gives them a chance to leave a difficult situation and immerse themselves in a fantasy world.

Not all people who have cheated will use VR porn to satisfy their sexual needs. Some of them will hold onto the belief they need to be punished for their lack of faithfulness. Those who recognize they cannot concentrate on relationship repair while filled with sexual tension will find this is a good option for relief. It allows them to wait for their partner to rediscover their desire for physical intimacy within the relationship.