Denying the Signs

A committed relationship demands that partners trust each other if it is to be successful, and there are times when one person decides it is okay for them to cheat. It might be only once, and they have found their way back to the relationship without destroying their partner’s trust. Those who get away with it once often feel a sense of power, and they decide to continue their activity because of that draw. For them, it is an emotional uplift they can get in no other way. They will often leave signs for their partner to see, but denying the signs occurs when their partner is still trying to keep the relationship intact.

It takes time to cheat on a partner, and making up excuses to leave home or arrive late is one of the more obvious signs of a partner cheating. The person they are in the relationship with might believe the first few excuses, but they often have to work hard to continue their belief. It should be something that is questioned after a few times, but those in denial will do their best to help their partner make plausible excuses rather than admit the truth.

Physical intimacy is an important part of a long term relationship, but those who are cheating are no longer interested in that facet of it. They often find their partner is unappealing, and some of them have even been known to show disgust. This is also a good sign that a partner has wandered away from the relationship, but their significant other will help them again. They will take it to heart when their partner chides them for being overweight, out of shape, or even disparaging their clothing choices.

It is a difficult life to be with a person who is no longer interested in the relationship, but those who cheat often want to retain their partner. They get a feeling of elation and power, and many of them quickly realize their partner will be very helpful by denying their bad behavior.